Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fickle Faerie

Fickle Faerie's reusable eco-friendly produce bags are one of those genius products that make you wonder why we haven't been using them all along. And judging by the way they've been selling, it's safe to say that you're going to be seeing Fickle Faerie produce bags, cute snack bags, reusable lunch napkins and reusable gift bags everywhere soon!

To date Fickle Faerie has sold over 7500 single reusable bags. If each of those bags is used just once a week for the whole year, that's over 390,000 bags we have all helped save from the landfill sites! Help Fickle Faerie reach her goal of 1 MILLION bags saved this year!

Mention "Etsy Canada Spring Sale" & you'll get free shipping in the shop all week long!

If you're one of our grand prize winners, you may pick a gift set in your choice of color. No you don't always have to go green to, you know...go green! :)

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